I am a developer.
My personal strength is being able to directly listen to your wishes and realize them at a low cost. Why am I able to do this? It's because, for me, establishing a long-term relationship is more valuable than a slightly larger amount of money at once. Mutual win-win is my ideal. I look forward to becoming a good partner and working hand in hand with you.



I have a dream.
I want to build a beautiful castle. It's my dream. Through meeting many people, I've come to realize that it's not an impossible dream. However, I am still not powerful enough. I overwhelmingly lack funds and credibility. That's why I started with what I can do. Creating a website. Offering marriage consultation. Providing accommodation. By combining these three strengths, I will realize my dream of building a German-style castle.



It's all about connections between people.
I don't like ways of making a profit that only benefit myself. All business relationships should ideally be win-win. Moreover, I want to support entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Nowadays, many people create websites, but the quality varies. However, they are often expensive, and the running costs are high. Do you think that's unavoidable? Most companies become expensive due to their own profits and the need to pay their employees. I, however, desire to work with people who are looking for a long-term partnership, even if it means keeping costs low. Such people often bring new connections. Let's grow together. Let's succeed together.